The Highest Rated marine blower hose Products – See Our Top 10 Picks

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Sierra 116-402-3003B 3″ X 10′ Black Marine Blower Hose


  • Primarily used for venting of bilge fumes
  • Resistant to UV and the ozone
  • Shields Vinylvent Ducting Hose is PVC supported by anodized wire helix
  • I.D. : 3″ or 76.2mm
  • O.D. : 3 1/8″ or 79.4mm

Sierra International 116-402-4003B 4″ X 10′ Black Marine Blower Hose


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    New Boat Vent Bilge Blower Exhaust Hose 3″- 10 Feet White SHI 40030031


      Shields 4″ X 10′ Black Vinylvent Duct Hose


      • New

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      Sierra 116-402-3000 Shields Vinylvent, Series 402-3″ x 50′, Black


      • PVC supported by anodized wire helix
      • Resistant to UV and ozone
      • Primarily used for venting of bilge fumes
      • Hose I.D.: 3″
      • Hose Length: 50′ (bulk pack)

      Oasis Marine 3 inch 12V Electric in-Line Bilge Boat Air Blower


      • Oasis Marine — 2 Yr. Warranty
      • Built-in mounting feet allows easy vertical or horizontal installation
      • Minimal current draw, high volume air flow, 12v 2.5Amp, 3″ Outlet Hose
      • Four-blade fan maximizes airflow and efficiency
      • Sealed motor shaft for moisture protection, Corrosion resistant White ABS plastic housing

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      SEAFLO 4″ Electric In-Line Marine Bilge Air Blower 12V 270 CFM 456 CMH Quiet Boat White


      • Marine Boat Electric Bilge Air Blower, 12v/6.0Amp, 270CFM/456CMH, 4″ Outlet Hose
      • Built-in mounting feet allow easy vertical or horizontal installation
      • Very low current draw, high volume air flow, long life
      • Six/Four-blade fan maximizes airflow and efficiency
      • Sealed motor shaft for moisture protection

      MARINE CITY 12-Volt 3- Inches Diameter Hose Bilge Blower 158 CFM CE Certificate for Boat Heads Engine Compartments Bilges Galleys RVS Buses Sheds More


      • CE certificate Made of Injection Molded ABS.Ideal for engine, compartments bilges, galleys and head closets
      • Five-blade fan maximize airflow and efficiency; low amp draws Motor for longer blower and battery life
      • Waterproof boot over the motor to protect from water intrusion.
      • Hose Diameter:3”, Current: 12 V DC, Length: 5”, Amps:2.5 ; Fuse: 2.7 A, 158 CFM .

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      Deflecto Flexible Vinyl Duct, 3” by 50’ Hose, White (BH350W)


      • Flexible vinyl duct has a 3” diameter and 50’ length
      • Multipurpose vinyl duct is ideal for fresh air intakes, bathroom exhausts and more
      • Flexible for easy installation
      • Compresses to approximately 30” long
      • Not recommended for dryer venting

      It is also important to buy the best marine blower hose products from reputable stores. There are a lot of different factors that can make or break your decision when it comes to what you should purchase.

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